Quarry Tales

The geology of the Stories in Stone area has resulted in a long history of mineral extraction that continues today. The scale and methods have changed immensely over the years, especially since World War Two, and we are now in the final period of our ability to collect direct oral evidence of this.

The main settlements of Ingleton, Settle and Horton in Ribblesdale each have large, highly mechanised quarries associated with them (although work ceased relatively recently at Giggleswick Quarry near Settle). The project will concentrate on the active quarries in Horton in Ribblesdale and Ingleton.

Listen to the Interviews

What will the project do?

The project aims to explore and record the memories and language associated with quarrying in the Stories in Stone area, using oral history methods and research carried out by trained volunteers.

Led by Quarry Arts, valuable memories and reminiscences of the long history of quarrying within the area will be collected directly from former and current quarry workers and family members and those who have been affected in their daily lives by the impact of quarrying. Capturing the Past has also digitised local quarry records found within other local historic collections. You can view their digitised material on the Dales Community Archives website.

How will the tales be collected?

Trained volunteers will conduct and record interviews with members of the community.

How will the tales be told?

Recordings will be preserved in the tangible form of technically acceptable recordings, transcribed and/or summarised interviews, and catalogue material. The recorded files will be accessible through the Quarry Arts website , where the oral history material will be fully searchable for various keywords relating to locations, activities etc.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about this project, have some tales to tell or would like to volunteer to collect tales, please contact Ann Allsop, Quarry Arts Project Assistant, on 07981 029293 or by email