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Curious Tales - How to run a graveyard project

  • Posted On: 18 June 2020
Curious Tales - How to run a graveyard project

About the tutor

Sarah Lister worked as a secondary head teacher for many years but since retiring has found, in her words, ‘an even more rewarding occupation'.  She has been researching the lives of those buried in the graveyard at Settle Parish Church, and with the help of a team of people and the church, this has become the ‘Settle Graveyard Project’.  
Sarah is keen to promote an interest and enjoyment in local history, and what better place to start than discovering what the ancestors of your community got up to?  She delivers numerous entertaining talks to local groups and the popular interactive graveyard tours at the church.   

Sarah Lister has published her recent Settle discoveries in 'Curious Takes from the Ancient Graveyard', available through YDMT (visit the shop).

You can follow Sarah's ongoing discoveries on her facebook page or by emailing


About the course

Sarah hopes this video will inspire other communities to start their own local history project. She explains the background of the Settle Graveyard Project and some of its findings. There are suggestions, hints and ideas on how to start a graveyard project.  Finally, there is a taster of a graveyard tour discovering the twist and turns of the life of Charles Ratcliffe, who died 170 years ago to the day from when the video was filmed.

Please view Sarah's guidance handout - How to run a graveyard project.


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