Discover Ingleborough

Aim: People can access, understand and participate in the heritage of the Ingleborough Dales more easily.

How: A network of enhanced physical and intellectual access and interpretation across the Ingleborough Dales that will convey how, over time, a unique combination of natural and cultural heritage has shaped the Ingleborough Dales landscape.

It will link together existing and new attractions to help conserve the heritage and traditions of the area. The network will enable a wider range of local people and visitors of all ages to discover, appreciate, enjoy and actively care for the special qualities of the area. This will include developing new audiences and involving hard-to-reach groups.

People will benefit from improved physical and intellectual access to the Ingleborough Dales’ special heritage landscape qualities. Volunteers will be trained to digitise important local archives to make them publicly accessible.

Opportunities to access the area’s heritage using public transport will be promoted.