Website, Brand and Interpretation

Well-planned interpretation is essential to the Learning and Participation aspects of the scheme. This project will promote the Stories in Stone scheme and help local people and visitors to discover and enjoy the local environment and heritage of the Ingleborough area.

How will this be delivered?

The website itself is the main underpinning element of this project and will promote all of the scheme’s projects, in particular the community involvement opportunities that will be provided. It will enable residents and visitors to see what is special about the area and how easily they can explore and discover the natural and cultural history of this fascinating area.

This project will also support new opportunities involving innovative interpretation techniques, including technology, social media, storytelling, art, music, arts and crafts, and sights and sounds.

Community involvement

At least 10 interpretation projects will be delivered over the four years of the scheme. These will celebrate and investigate areas such as social history, land-use history and folklore. Local communities are at the heart of the landscape and its evolution so developing interpretation projects will involve close consultation and research with local people and include art based courses.


The main contractor for the website is Purple Creative.  Through working in the community and working with other local organisations it is hoped that new partnerships will be developed.

If you’d like to find out more about this project or have an interpretation project idea, please contact Debbie Boswell, Stories in Stone Discover Ingleborough Officer.