Musical Rocks

The Ingleborough Dales area is of particular interest because in the working quarries in the area three different types of hard rock (limestone, greywacke and slate) are found, all of exceptionally high quality and including some blocks with ringing properties.

The project will create ringing rock installations so that people can appreciate that certain rocks in the Ingleborough Dales area make a ringing sound.


Installations will be created at two locations within the scheme area using locally quarried stone. These will be part of a dry stone wall and a rustic lithophone (a musical instrument consisting of pieces of rock).

Activities will include

Quarry Arts will work with local schools. The project will include visits to local quarries, workshops to discover the geological and musical properties of the three different types of rock found at the quarries, designing and making rock installations with the help of stonemasons, making music from these rock installations, and sharing what has been learned and created with friends and families at different locations.


The project is being led by Quarry Arts with the support of local quarry operators Hanson and Tarmac.

Get in touch

To find out more contact Ann Allsop, Quarry Arts Project Assistant, on 07981 029293 or by email office@quarryarts.org.uk Or visit the Quarry Arts website.