Heritage Grants

Grants of between £200 to £10,000 have been available for projects that conserve, enhance, celebrate or increase understanding of the historical and natural landscape of the Stories in Stone area. There have been eleven rounds of application dates over the five years of the scheme.

What types of projects were considered?

Voluntary and community groups, landowners, farmers and parish and town councils were encouraged to apply for funding towards projects covering:

  • Protection, restoration and enhancement of historical built features and archaeological remains
  • Habitat restoration and creation
  • Educational activities and materials on historical or ecological themes
  • Enhanced public access to built and natural heritage
  • Interpretation of landscape features, geology, built and cultural heritage, and flora and fauna and their habitats
  • Surveying, recording and monitoring of built and natural heritage
  • Investigating and recording the human history of the area, including oral histories
  • Initiatives to train and develop people’s heritage skills.

42 projects have been approved for funding, you can visit the Heritage Grant project pages to read more about them:

Completed projects

Current approved projects