D9 Heritage Grants: Completed projects

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  • Clapham Wills
    Clapham Wills
  • D903 One reserve
    D903 One reserve
  • Selside village green
    Selside village green
  • Newhouses ford
    Newhouses ford
  • Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
    Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
  • Thorns Gill bridge
    Thorns Gill bridge
  • Clapham Hearse House
    Clapham Hearse House
  • Ingleton Railway Heritage
    Ingleton Railway Heritage
  • The Folly interpretation
    The Folly interpretation
  • Clapham Bottoms
    Clapham Bottoms
  • Ingleborough volunteer force
    Ingleborough volunteer force
  • Thwaite Lane enhancements
    Thwaite Lane enhancements
  • Lives on the Line
    Lives on the Line

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