Schools Out

Schools Out will deliver a range of engagement days for local primary schools in the Ingleborough Dales area. With the pressures of modern day society, many school children do not explore beyond the boundaries of their villages/towns. Consequently, many children have a limited understanding of the importance of their local area or a limited connection to it.

What the days will offer

The engagement days will enable exploration and celebration of the landscape delivered through a series of themes. These themes will enhance and develop a range of curriculum areas, building up connections between local young people and the iconic landscape in which they live.

Schools Out days include visits to species-rich meadows and woodlands, active quarries, archaeological sites and digs, farms, and conservation projects. There is scope for development of further days and activities as further project ideas develop during the scheme delivery, as well as ideas initiated by the young people and schools involved.


Let’s keep it sustainable

To ensure sustainability beyond the life of the scheme, teacher training days will enable local teachers to develop further knowledge about the local area and the confidence and skills to take their groups out. This will be reinforced by enabling teachers to have easy access to information about places to visit, offering a range of visits within walking distance of those schools, and providing access to a range of resources to support the visits.

Link it

We aim to provide opportunities to bring local schoolchildren together with children from urban areas, to share their experiences and connections to the area’s historical and natural environment.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about this project, please contact Anthea Hanson, Schools Out Officer.


At the end of the scheme a resource pack will be available of relevant resources that can be used by schools and education providers.