Dry Stone Walls

This project aimed to restore 2000 linear meters of dry stone walling over the four years of the project. 3000m were restored by the end of the scheme.

Why restore our dry stone walls?

Dry stone wall boundaries are integral to the dramatic limestone landscape of the Yorkshire Dales. Walling is a practice undertaken by all farms in the Yorkshire Dales where these iconic and historical features are the principal means of dividing land. Most of the walls in the Dales date back to the Enclosure Acts, but some are much older and were erected during the 13th and 14th centuries or even earlier.

Some of these walls have stood for a hundred years but the pressures of weather, stock, and humans climbing over them in more recent times coupled with the cost of upkeep have seen many traditional stone walls falling into disrepair, or replaced by cheaper and easier to maintain post and wire fences. Either way, the character of the landscape is spoiled.

Which walls?

This project gave priority to dry stone walls that have either become derelict or have been replaced by post and wire stock fences.