Ingleborough Dales Cave Environment

A range of training workshops will be provided aimed at people leading groups in the cave systems of the Stories in Stone area. The workshops will provide a better understanding of the conservation issues when using caving as an activity, with subject areas including cave geology, geomorphology, hydrology, ecology, archaeology and cave conservation issues.

Why raise awareness?

Leaders will be able to pass on their newly-acquired knowledge to their customers as part of their caving experience. By raising awareness of the importance of the still developing ‘history’ of the caves members of the public will gain a greater understanding of the underground landscape of the area while enjoying the experience of caving, and cave damage such as graffiti will decline.

Who will be targeted?

Leaders of groups from outdoor centres, voluntary organisations, schools and colleges, based within or outside of the scheme area.

Where will this happen?

Workshops will be a mix of indoor- and cave-based activities led by Yorkshire Dales Guides. The cave system used will be the Long Churn/Alum Pot system as this is a very popular place for visits by groups and individuals and undoubtedly the most popular cave for novice groups.

Get in touch

If you’d like to get involved please contact Pam Hickin, Yorkshire Dales Guides on 01729 824455 or email info@yorkshiredalesguides.co.uk