Walk Leader Training

Training and advice will be provided for guided walk leaders to enable them to lead guided and/or interpretive walks effectively and safely, and to pass on knowledge about the ecology, archaeology, history and geology of the Stories in Stone area.

Face-to-face interpretation is a powerful tool for getting messages about the landscape and its conservation across to people, and there are many organisations and individuals delivering guided/interpretive walks in the area.

What training is being provided?

Programmes of training days are being organised with groups involved in guided walks in the area, including Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority volunteers and Friends of the Settle Carlisle Line. This training is being designed to specifically meet the needs of these volunteers, so they feel better equiped to provide the best sservice possiblke to those attending their walks.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about the walk leader training programme or would like to discuss options to fund training for your own group of walk leaders, please contact Hannah Rose, Stories in Stone Administrator.