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Identifying Mammals series

  • Posted On: 18 June 2020
Identifying Mammals series

About the tutor

Hannah started her career at FSC Epping Forest Field Centre, progressing to Education Team Leader at FSC Malham Tarn over 12 years of employment. During her time with the Field Studies Council, and through her degree in Applied Biology, she has gained experience working with and surveying mammals and teaching ecology, geology and environmental education provision to groups of all ages & abilities. Since leaving FSC, Hannah has been working for Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust on the Stories in Stone Scheme. She has now been living in the Dales for 6 years.


About the course

Hannah provides an introduction to British mammals, with a focus on those species found locally to the Stories in Stone area. The videos will also cover tracks and signs, and a focus on small mammals through owl pellet analysis.


Part 1 - An introduction to mammals of the dales

A presentation to cover the basics of mammal taxonomy and identification. The focus of information given will be on the mammals found within the Yorkshire Dales, although the basics of all taxonomic families will be covered.


Part 2 - Owl pellet analysis

Learning to analyse the contents of owl pellets and identify the small mammals from their skulls. This video will cover the identification of small mammal skulls to species, singposting of helpful resources and the reporting of findings.


Part 3 - Poo-vestigation! - mammal tracks and signs

Although mammal sightings in the dales are not all that common, this guidance on the analysis of footprints, droppings and other signs of activity may help you to investigate mammals that are visiting your local area and garden.

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