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Identifying wildflowers series

  • Posted On: 18 June 2020
Identifying wildflowers series

About the tutor

Steph is the managing director of Yorkshire Dales Guides, an outdoor education centre and guiding company based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. They aspire to provide adventure & skills for all and cater for everyone from those seeking to navigate and understand the natural world to adventures above & below the mountains.   
Steph has a BSc in Chemistry, a Diploma in working with young people with mental health needs, an MSc in Psychology, and numerous outdoor qualifications. She is a mostly self-taught botanist and is passionate about making knowledge more accessible and sharing her fun tips and tricks to understanding and identifying plants with greater ease.  

You can find out more at or their YouTube channel


About the course

Steph provides a comprehensive overview of the key wildflowers in the area and a guide to their identification.

Part 1 - Key parts of a wildflower

This is an introduction to the use of keys to identify wildflowers. It covers the parts of the flower, flower arrangement, leaf shapes and leaf arrangement.
This video concludes with an ‘in the field’ demonstration.

Part 2 - Wildflowers of Early Spring

This video provides a focus on some of the early spring flowers found in the Yorkshire Dales.
Features Herb Paris, Primrose, Oxlip, False Oxslip, Early Purple Orchid and Common Dog-violet.

Part 3 - Wildflowers of Spring

This video provides a focus on some of the spring flowers found in the Yorkshire Dales.
Features Bluebell, Bird’s-eye Primrose, Common Butterwort, Common Scurvygrass, Globeflower, Meadow Buttercup, Bulbous Buttercup, Creeping Buttercup and Goldilocks Buttercup.

Part 4 - Wildflowers of Summer

This video provides a focus on some of summer flowers found in the Yorkshire Dales.
Features Ragged Robin, Eyebright, Chalk Fragrant-orchid, Common Twayblade, Common Spotted-orchid, Bee Orchid and Marsh Helleborine.


There is an accompanying handout detailing the further reading appropriate for each part of the series.

Thanks to Ben Niall Video Productions and BHPdigital.

Please complete a course feedback form after watching the course, you can use a form or complete the online survey.


Video Credits

Presenter: Steph Dwyer

Editor: Ben Pilkinton (BHPdigital and Ben Redhead (Ben Niall Video Productions)

Executive producer and writer: Steph Dwyer

Images and footage: Mike Bottomley, Steph Dwyer and John Bamber

Special thanks to: Mike Bottomley, John Bamber and Howard Beck

Additional stock images and footage: and Pond5

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