D9 Heritage Grants: Current approved projects

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  • Ornamental drinking fountain
    Ornamental drinking fountain
  • Reflective thinking
    Reflective thinking
  • White Clawed Crayfish
    White Clawed Crayfish
  • Ingleborough Red Squirrels
    Ingleborough Red Squirrels
  • Gill Garth Stories
    Gill Garth Stories
  • Ingleborough's placed stones
    Ingleborough's placed stones
  • Surveying mammals
    Surveying mammals
  • Settle Folk Gathering
    Settle Folk Gathering
  • Lost Inns
    Lost Inns
  • Children's outdoor safety
    Children's outdoor safety
  • Castlebergh Crag
    Castlebergh Crag
  • World beneath your feet
    World beneath your feet
  • Stained glass window
    Stained glass window
  • Wildlife in the churchyard
    Wildlife in the churchyard
  • Accessible picnic table
    Accessible picnic table
  • Sporting heritage
    Sporting heritage
  • Yorkshire tales
    Yorkshire tales
  • Ingleborough toposcope
    Ingleborough toposcope
  • Oxenber interpretation
    Oxenber interpretation

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